The process of opening your pool can be a real hassle.  Let us take the headaches out of opening your pool in the spring and getting everything up and running so you can enjoy your pool instead of dreading it.  We want to make things as easy as possible for you so here is what we do when we come out:

  1. Removing the Cover: Prior to removing the cover, we will remove as much debris and excess water (if any) as possible to prevent the debris from going into the pool.  Your cover will be pulled off, folded, cleaned (if necessary), and stored wherever you prefer.  If your cover needs time to dry out we will set it aside and come back to store it later.
  2. Deck Clean Up: Over the winter leaves and other debris will gather around the cover.  You may also notice a dirt line where the ends of the cover are.  We will remove any debris from pool deck and hose it down to remove any stubborn dirt marks.
  3. Un-Winterize Equipment: We will reconnect hoses, replace the drain plugs in the filter, pump, etc., remove gizmos from skimmers and any other winter plugs, put your skimmer and pump baskets back in appropriate place, replace any ladders, diving boards, or other equipment taken off at closing.
  4. Raise the Water Level: If your pool required draining at closing, we will raise the water back to its appropriate level.
  5. Prepare Equipment for Start-Up: After all equipment is put back together we will start the system and check for leaks or any damage that may have occurred over the winter.  If you have a heater we will check it and make sure it fires.
  6. Water Treatment: We will treat the water for algae, take a water sample and balance accordingly.
  7. Vacuum: Once we can see the bottom of the pool again we will vacuum it and have you ready to enjoy the swimming season.
  8. Begin Routine Maintenance: Once your water is balanced you can resume your regular maintenance of shocking, algaecide and routine cleaning.  If you like we can take care of this part for you with our weekly maintenance program.

Please keep in mind that the process of opening your pool may take more than one trip.  Each pool is different, but as you know, algae is a big problem and we usually need to allow the chemicals to circulate for 24-48 hours before we may see the bottom of the pool again.